Domain Names

Domain Name Registration and Management

A domain name is a unique address which enables your website to be found on the internet or for people to contact you via email. It is the part which comes after “www.” on a web browser (eg: and after “@” in an email address (eg:

There are many different domain extensions, eg:, .com, .net, etc, and the one that is best for you depends on what you want to do with your website.

If you are selling products or services solely in the UK, a domain is ideal. If you are an international seller, a .com extension is the recognised extension for international trade. Other extensions are country specific, but we can advise you on the best one for your business needs.

Once your domain name has been registered, the location of your website and email service are recorded so that they can be found when someone types your domain name in the web browser or sends an email.

Your domain name is registered with us for two years, after which time we will renew it automatically or we will write to ask you to confirm renewal, depending on our agreement with you.

We don’t charge for transferring your domain name to us. And if you decide to transfer your domain name away from us, we will not charge for this either.

We will register or renew your domain name for two years. We will invoice you by email, 30 days before your domain name is due to expire. This invoice will clearly state that your domain name is at risk if you do not renew it.

If you contact us regarding domain names, we endeavour to get back to you with 48 hours Mon – Fri.