We provide a reliable, cost-effective, website hosting. More than adequate storage for the vast majority of websites and the delivery of engaging and dynamic content to visitors.

Our standard package includes:

  • SSL encryption for password protected directories
  • SQL databases technology for fast processing and delivery of your website content
  • Comprehensive and secure off-site backup of all website data
  • 99.9% or better uptime
  • Friendly UK based customer telephone support
  • Helpful and informative customer support site
  • Reports and statistical information
  • Websites hit/referral statistical information on request
  • All websites are submitted to search engines for free

Our Servers

All our servers are by administered by ourselves

At Businesswebsite, we have a robust data backup procedure and disaster recovery solution in place in the event of deletion or corruption of information. All our services are offered with automatic nightly backups to keep your data safe. Backups of DNS data, emails, websites and databases are downloaded off-site to provide further safeguards.

Housed off-site in London, the physical security, integrity, and safety of your data, placed in the hands of a independent specialist hosting company, providing:

  • A safe and secure environment, 24 hour technical support and on-site security
  • Third party vetting, for security clearance before anyone can physically access to our servers
  • Inspected and tested for reliability before going into service and at regular intervals thereafter
  • Uninterrupted power supply by on-site generators and battery backups
  • Email storage and forwarding
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus scans for emails